Sunday, November 28, 2010

Playlist for November 27, 2010

This week I aired my interview with Rhys Fulber of Conjure One [ex- Front Line Assembly and Delerium].

Here's what I played tonight:

Mixed in with the interview segments:

Conjure One
From Exilarch [2010, Nettwerk]:
I Dream In Colour
Like Ice
Places That Don't Exist
The Distance

From Remixed: The Definitive Collection [2010, Nettwerk]:
Silence [DJ Tiesto Mix]

Conjure One
From Conjure One [2002, Nettwerk]:
Centre of the Sun

Front Line Assembly
From Disorder [1988, Third Mind Records]:
Lurid Sensation

Raggedy Angry
From How I Learned to Love Our Robot Overlords [2010, Synthetic Sounds]:
Burn Your Gods
Fire Engine Red
Digital Hell

From Oxidizer [2004, Underground, Inc.]:
Monkey God
Black Snake Voodoo Hiss
Queen of Despair [Ode to the Diode]

In Strict Confidence
From Mistrust the Angels [2002, Minuswelt Musikfabrik]:

Podcast part 1 of the Vampire's Ball for November 27, 2010.

From Black Friday [2010, L-Tracks]:
The Moth and the Fire
Destroy Improve Rebuild

From Bloodwater [2010, Synthetic Sounds]:
Grey Walls

cEvin Key
From Music For Cats [1998, Metropolis Records]:
Wind On Small Paws

Skinny Puppy
From The Process [1996, American Recordings]:
Hard Set Head

Cool upcoming shows:

Thursday December 2nd: Front Line Assembly (+ Conjure One) @ Venue
Friday January 14th: Fake Shark Real Zombie (+ Left Spine Down + Ninjaspy + Wrecktals) @ Rickshaw Theatre

And now for my weekly end notes:

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Or grab the podcast off of this page:

Podcast page for the Vampire's Ball.

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Be aware that things are hectic and it can take a good long while before I get a chance to listen.

There's a Facebook group for the Vampire's Ball.

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As always, thanks for listening. Enjoy the show.

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