Saturday, January 22, 2011

Playlist for January 22, 2011

Got to chat very briefly with cEvin Key after the Download/PlatEAU show here in Vancouver last weekend, aired that with some new-ish Download and PlatEAU and some other stuff from cEvin's label, Subconscious Communications.

Here's what I played tonight:

From Helicopter [2009, Subsconscious Communications]:
Message From Gort
Radio Silence

From Gort Spacebar [2009, Subsconscious Communications]:
Mole Twitch

cEvin Key
From Music For Cats [1998, Metropolis Records]:
Herbalist Rule
Greenhouse Gasses

Phil Western
From DAT Hell [2008, The Record Company]:

From Slow Motion Burn [2009, Subsconscious Communications]:
Nurse Witch II
Relationship Therapy

Otto von Schirach
From Magic Triangle [2008, Subconscious Communications]:
Mother Fucking Punk
My Supernatural Motorcycle Gang Will Knife You

From Zombie Battle 2019 [2009, Subconscious Communications]:
Dinosaurs Will Eat Your Brain
Booty Park

Baseck and Sonic Death Rabbit
From Creatures [2009, Subconscious Communications]:
It Could Be Worse, You Could Be Human
Dead Rabbit Lullaby
Things That Go Braaah! In the Night

Wet Mango
From Portland Demo 2010 [2010, self-released]:
Drip and Slip
I'm A Bleeder, Not A Breeder

Podcast part 1 of the Vampire's Ball for January 22, 2011.

The Rabid Whole
From Autraumaton Remixed [2011, Synthetic Sounds]:
Faith In Yesterday (Kevvy Mental Dead Sould Mix)
Tell Me Lies (Elmer J. Fudd Mix by Virtual Terrorist)

From American Porn Songs Remixed [2010, Metropolis Records]:
American Porn Song (SKOLD Remix)
Become Your None (SMP vs. Stiff Valentine Mix)

From Noise Collection vol. 1 [2010, Out of Line]:
Sex, Drogen und Industri (Lowtech Mix)

Killing Joke
From Absolute Dissent [2010, Spinefarm Records]:
Honour The Fire

Einstuerzende Neubauten
From Strategies Against Architecture IV - 2002-2010 [2010, Mute]:
Good Morning Everybody
Waiting for the Call

The Tear Garden
From Have a Nice Trip [2009, Subconscious Communications]:
Nowhere to Land
Nothing's Set In Stone

Edward Ka-Spel
From The Minus Touch [2010, Beta-Lactum Ring Records]:
Bad Mood

Dead Voices On Air
From From Afar All Stars Spark and Glee [2010, Lens Records]:
This Silence Where the Mumours Lie
Eyes I Dare Not Meet In Dreams

Conjure One
From Exilarch [2010, Nettwerk]:
Like Ice
I Dream In Colour

Podcast part 2 of the Vampire's Ball for January 22, 2011.

This week's post-show mix CD was Mix CD 8.

And now for my weekly end notes:

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