Friday, December 4, 2009

Track Listing for Mix CD 8

These bridge the hours between the end of my show and the beginning of the Saturday Edge on Folk on CiTR at 8AM. One mix per week on repeat until Steve comes in. This doesn't go on the podcast other than a few seconds or so, so it's bonus for anyone who happens to be listening live, either on the airwaves (101.9FM in Vancouver) or on our website (

"The Nature of Love [Cruelty Mix]" - Ministry from The Nature of Love
"Something I Can Never Have" - Nine Inch Nails from Pretty Hate Machine
"The Game" - Love and Rockets from Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven
"Trouble Thing" - Maqlu from Blood
"Unfit [Death Before Taxes]" - KMFDM from KMFDM
"Chest Pains" - Raggedy Angry from Pestilence
"My Love, My Blood" - The Rabid Whole from Autraumaton
"Barrel of a Gun [One Inch Punch Mix]" - Depeche Mode from Barrel of a Gun
"Love Cuts" - Chris & Cosey from Take Five
"Screecher" - Jakalope from It Dreams
"The Strong and Whining Toad" - The Tear Garden from Sheila Liked the Rodeo
"Ohne Dich" - Rammstein from Reise, Reise
"Blue Monday" - New Order from Blue Monday
"Man Should Surrender" - Pailhead from Trait
"I'm Not Gay [I'm So Gay Club Mix]" - Revolting Cocks from Sex-O MiXXX-O
"A Common Enemy" - Skold vs. KMFDM from SKOLD vs. KMFDM

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